Patient Visitor Guide


Admission to West Nikan Hospital is done in three ways:
 - Referral from the clinic
- hospital emergency
- Referrals from doctors' offices

* Dear friends, please help us in the followi matters:

- At the time of admission of the patient, in order to prevent the transmission of the disease and to maintain social distance, only one person who knows complete information about the patient should be present in the emergency department with the patient.

- At present, in order to comply with the protection and safety instructions in West Nikan Hospital, the corona patients' wards are completely isolated and separate, so the traffic inside this ward is controlled as much as possible and in order to prevent the risk of possible infection of loved ones. Patients' families, patient appointments are not possible.

Call ٧١٠٦٢٩٩٠ to inquire about your patient's condition. Then enter the internal phone number of the relevant department that will be announced to your loved ones when you are admitted and talk to the person in charge of the ward.

- Every effort is made to prepare all the nutritional facilities according to the needs and prescription of the doctor, as well as the patient's request, and to receive a proper reception.

- According to the protection and safety instructions, it is not possible to bring any food to the hospital.

- For the necessity of coordination and order in the ward, identify a person from among the family members as a liaison and introduce him / her to the hospital, so that after informing the patient about the patient, other dear family members will be informed.


Address: Tehran, Hemmat Highway to the west, not far from the Olympic Square, in front of Javanmardan Park

Phone Call: 021 - 47564756


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